GradMint features a highly advanced panel coupled with AI to help you apply to your dream schools.

Why GradMint

We're not a consultancy, we're experienced people who have gone through the process so we know what it takes, and we value your money. We can relate to your present conditions and can provide you very helpful advice at a minimal cost. And wait, there's more! Get an admit from a top university*, and we'll refund the amount, and would send you some goodies!

Why with us?

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We know you're not ready. You don't know how to proceed. Googling and going through loads of forum threads kills your time, and irritates you more than anything. That is why we're here. We won't do everything for you, but we'll clean the mess up and tell you how to proceed, guide you through your application and would make sure you're taking steps towards an admit.


Your application is the only thing which the admission committee would assess you with, we know how to craft it and what they'd exactly look in it. Most of the applicants lack expertise in describing their achievements in an effective manner. There's a lot of power in words. We use this power with our experience and results improve automatically.


While we do not provide any visa-related assistance, we will be more than be more than happy to direct you to reliable channels which can help you with your Visa application. You are welcome to direct your queries at our 24*7 Customer Care - care@gradmint.com.

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Okay, so what's in the pack? Before we discuss the three main features we'll provide as a service, we want to make one thing very clear - we're NOT here for filling out forms for you. We're here for guidance and to provide the support you need to get admitted to a reputed university of the world.

GradMint Panel

GradMint panel is your dashboard which allows you to keep track of whole process in the most effective way possible. It includes various tools, such as:

  • Application Management System.
  • GradMint Profile Rating
  • AdmitRater+
  • University Shortlisting, Selection
  • AutoSuggest
  • PrepAssist
  • GradMint Expert
  • CourseRater BETA
  • EnrollHere BETA
  • SOP Evaluator

SOP Guidance

SOP (Statement of Purpose) is a critical section of your applictaion. We focus a lot on creating an SOP. You'll go through several iterations of ameliorating your SOP.

  • SOP Format/Layout, Main Pointers.
  • First draft guidance. (Nurture Phase).
  • Upto 20 iterations - Iterative Phase
  • VXYZ Phase : A phase for a final touch
  • Final SOP Proofreading & Rating.

We understand that it might be difficult for you to craft a wonderful SOP in one go. We will get your SOP reviewed by language experts and will suggest you how to improve it further.

GradMint Experts

Our experts know what it takes to get into top 50 US schools. We can not only identify several common mistakes applicants make in their application, but also help you with direct mail correspondence.

  • Evaluating multiple admission offers and helping you choose the best.
  • A personal look at your selected universities.
  • Personal care to guide you through the whole process

We care for your future. Local consultancies just let go and become unresponsive once you pay their hefty fees. We will help you till you step in the land of opportunities (and beyond).


Our users have scaled heights, they've secured admissions from top universities of the world.

Meet GradMint Panel

Take a look at the highly advanced GradMint panel. It helps you keep track of your application, get intelligent statistics, improve your SOP,   get rated for your Profile.


We don't aim your pocket. We aim towards turning your dreams towards reality. GradMint is free to use online system. However, to get full advantage of our services, we recommend you to go Pro !



Perfect for experienced people.

  • GradMint Panel
  • GradMint Profile Score
  • SOP Evaluator
  • GradMint Rankings
  • AutoSuggest
  • University Search
  • CourseRater


12000FREE 12 Months

Suitable for freshers (non-earning).

  • All Basic Features
  • 20 GradMint Credits
  • AdmitRater
  • Premium SOP Evaluation ( <10 iterations)
  • CareerAssist, GradMint Experts
  • EnrollHere BETA



Suitable for all.

  • All Basic & Starter Features
  • 100 GradMint Credits
  • Direct Mail Correspondence
  • SOP Evaluation (~20 iterations!)
  • GradMint SureShot Guarantee
  • GradMint AlumniBETA

Our Blog

Our blog helps you keep abreast with latest changes in US Visa, it includes informative articles which help you craft your application well.


GradMint features a highly advanced panel coupled with AI to help you apply to your dream schools.

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